Free Local Delivery

We offer free delivery to our patients in the Ocean Springs area; however, if you are a DME patient, we will deliver your prescriptions/equipment all throughout the MS Gulf Coast.

Compounding & Prescription Drugs

Compounding is the art and science of customizing medications to meet specific needs. Here at Gardens Pharmacy & Compounding, we use our own state-of-the-art compounding laboratory to make the highest quality pharmaceutical grade products in house. This means we can provide specialized medications that are not commercially available.

Why compounding? We can remove certain dyes or ingredients if a patient has allergies; we can alter flavors to better suit children's preferences; we can combine multiple ingredients into a troche, gel, cream, or capsule for maximum convenience and efficiency. 

We create compounds to treat pain, including but not limited to: neuropathic pain, peripheral and trigeminial neuropathy, diabetic or chemo-induced, shingles, osteoarthritis, inflammation, musculoskeletal pain, and much more.

We also offer scar therapies as well as dermatology creams for those who suffer from psoriasis, dermatitis, hemorrhoids, cellulitis, rosacea, acne, herpes simplex 1 & 2, and more!


No, it’s not “all in your head” – you may have a hormone imbalance.  Hormone imbalance may affect many areas of your health, including your mood, metabolism, sexual, and reproductive function. Working closely with a patient and along with a healthcare provider’s prescription, a compounding pharmacist can help patients start and maintain a bio-identical hormone replacement regimen that may bring their hormones back into balance and mimics what their body has been doing naturally for years. Click here for more information on BHRT.

Home Medical Equipment & Supplies

Gardens Pharmacy & Compounding has all of your home medical equipment & supplies (DME) needs.
We carry walkers, walkers with wheels, canes, quad canes, portable oxygen concentrators, 
CPAPs, nebulizer & supplies, crutches, bed pans, diabetic supplies, Dr. Comfort shoes, bedside commodes, and more! We also have a Licensed Respiratory Therapist available 24/7. Click here for more info on DME.

Cosmeceuticals & Anti-Aging Products

Cosmeceuticals combine the luxury of cosmetics with the active ingredients of pharmaceuticals in treating and preventing the effects of sun damage, aging, and other cosmetic issues.

Your skin is your calling card, and compounding pharmacists work to make you look and feel your best.
A compounding pharmacist specializing in cosmeceuticals can provide a skin care consultation for a patient. Working along with the patient and a healthcare provider, the pharmacist may assist the healthcare provider in determining and prescribing a course of therapy tailored to the particular patient’s skin care needs.

Non-prescription or prescription therapies may be recommended to address: acne, wrinkles, melasma, dry skin, rosacea, etc.


Gardens Pharmacy & Compounding now offers immunization options for your healthcare needs. Our pharmacists are certified in immunization administration and can provide you with vaccines that are commonly recommended for certain viral and bacterial infections such as:

  1. Influenza (Flu)
  2. Shingles (Herpes Zoster)
  3. Pneumococcal Polysocchoride (Pneumonio, meningitis, etc.)


Call 228.818.5111 and speak to a pharmacist for more information.

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